NEWSLETTER: October 2021

October 2021
iENGINEERING Expands Operations to Canada

iENGINEERING is proud to formally announce the expansion of its business operations to Canada. As one of the world’s largest technology hubs with a proud history of technological innovation, Canada has recently experienced an influx of new talent from across the globe. iENGINEERING has followed suit with this trend and continued to advance its presence across several regions as it navigates into the future.

This expansion represents iENGINEERING’s continued commitment to providing innovative solutions for its growing list of global clients. With this growth, iENGINEERING has further strengthened its dual-shore business service model, which maximizes efficiency of resources and operating costs. Additional opportunities for potential projects and clients are also expected as part of this expansion.

iENGINEERING Launches InfoTechnology Web Portal

iENGINEERING has completed the design and development of the FHWA InfoTechnologyTM web portal. This problem-focused tool is designed to assist engineers and transportation officials in selecting the most suitable technologies for Nondestructive Evaluations (NDE) for the asset they are evaluating.

FHWA InfoTechnologyTM is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides an on-demand overview of a specific NDE technology. A description of the technology, the engineering principles used for the method, how to apply the technology, analysis procedures, limitations, and advantages are displayed in an easy-to-read format. Filtering capabilities allow users to narrow down their search by selecting the asset type (bridge, pavement, or tunnel), materials, structural element, and target of investigation corresponding to their use case. A glossary and list of acronyms and abbreviations are also provided to assist users who may not be familiar with all the technical terms used in the field of NDE.

Transconomy and TranSystems Team Up

iENGINEERING and TranSystems joined forces to deliver a comprehensive pavement marking inventory, including lineal lengths of lane markings and quantities of symbol markings, to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The total length of this project was about 32 centerline miles, consisting of three highway and interchange segments located on US Route 400 and US Route 69 in southeastern Kansas. To deliver this inventory, iENGINEERING utilized its service line of transportation engineering software, known as Transconomy, which automates and accelerates data processing activities for agencies and their consultants to create comprehensive and accurate asset inventories.

Transconomy provides an end-to-end solution to collect geo-coded roadway images, automatically process collected images using AI, and present inventory results using an enhanced visualization tool. For this project, TranSystems used the Transconomy Collector mobile app to collect approximately 3500 right-of-way images, which were automatically synchronized to the cloud (Transconomy Hub) for data processing and asset extraction. In addition to required CSV and KML file format deliverables, Transconomy Viewer was used to display inventory results with corresponding data attributes and collected images on an interactive color-coded map.

AASHTO IT Strategic Planning Begins

iENGINEERING is conducting a series of strategic planning sessions as a precursor to the redesign and development of the AASHTO website. These sessions are required to understand and document all perspectives, requirements, challenges, and branding attributes to align the overall digital strategy of AASHTO. As part of this rebranding effort, the goal is to unify the overall AASHTO identity and, in turn, increase member engagement.

To achieve all the identified objectives, an assessment of the existing infrastructure, technology stack, and information architecture was performed prior to conducting the strategic planning sessions. After completing the initial assessment, the strategic planning sessions are conducted as interactive discussions with AASHTO Technology Staff, Project Managers, and Executive Leadership. These sessions include extensive mind mapping, interactive sessions, analysis, reporting, and documentation.

New and Improved TPF Website

iENGINEERING recently revamped the Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) website by redesigning it to have a modern user interface. As part of this redesign, the website was restructured to improve the content organization and match the latest technology trends and requirements. iENGINEERING also implemented additional security features, customized reports and dashboards, interactive maps, and powerful information searching and filtering options for the new website.

The TPF website allows State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to create synergy – by leveraging resources, avoiding duplication of effort, and joining forces on planning and management of research projects of mutual interest. The FHWA administers the TPF program as a means for interested States, FHWA, and other organizations to partner when significant or widespread interest is shown in solving transportation-related problems through research, planning, and technology transfer activities.

Employee Profile: Iffat Agha

Ms. Agha, a senior resource at iENGINEERING, has been with the company for almost 5 years, adding to her extensive experience of over 25 years in the field of human resource management. She formerly served as Regional Manager Quality Assurance & Training at Jazz (formerly known as Mobilink), which is the largest internet and broadband service provider. She possesses both hands-on practice and experience in customer service, quality assurance (QA), sales, supervision, and provision of professional and corporate trainings.

Ms. Agha holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology, and a MBA degree in Human Resource Management. Ms. Agha is currently employed as General Manager of Administration and Human Resources at iENGINEERING. Her primary responsibilities include recruitment, orientation of new resources, identifying personal growth opportunities, training, coaching, and counseling. She also assumes administration-related duties including managing administrative staff, promoting a safe and secure work environment, ensuring adequate office supplies, and establishing effective policies, procedures, and work schedules. She is also responsible for optimizing senior management effectiveness while maintaining quality by enforcing organizational standards according to CMMI Level 5 certification and ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2018 standards.