NTPEP DataMine

iENGINEERING developed NTPEP DataMine for the AASHTO National Transportation Product Evaluation Program. NTPEP DataMine is the online repository of data and audit reports for all the NTPEP services. This database provides tools for performing queries that assist users in analyzing and reporting on current and past NTPEP evaluations. The application allows NTPEP testing facilities and auditors to enter real-time data online. Also, industry partners and the NTPEP administration can review product information and preliminary reports online for timely reporting of all evaluations.

iENGINEERING is currently developing the next generation of NTPEP DataMine. This release will include an integrated product evaluation workflow, process timeline, and integration notification center. The solution will also provide real-time invoice generation and credit card payments.

Dashboard for AASHTO NTPEP DataMine

Following are the technology and application domain areas serviced by iENGINEERING for the NTPEP DataMine project:

  • Web-based software development
  • Business process workflow implementation
  • Automated invoice generation and processing
  • Authorized.NET payment gateway integration
  • Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS implementation
  • Amazon Web Services deployment
  • Web software support

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