Electronic Author Billing

DJS eBill (Electronic Author Billing) is an end-to-end billing and print order workflow management system for print publications, print issues, and articles. The system allows setting up publishers and author sites where they can add publications, reprint items, and manage their pricing rules. The system manages complete order workflow steps, which include creating estimates, reviewing estimates, reviewing waiver requests, transmitting orders, creating invoices, and processing the payments with greater ease. The system also provides an additional functionality to generate multiple reports for estimates, invoices, orders, and payments. Authorize.Net CIM feature has been used for online credit card processing.

DJS eBill system provides the ability to set up branded publisher websites so that the look and feel of the site can be conveniently matched with the publisher’s original website. These publisher websites have a built-in functionality to review invoices, process waiver requests, and generate required reports.

DJS screenshot

Following are the technology and application domain areas serviced by iENGINEERING for the Electronic Author Billing project:

  • End-to-end order workflow implementation
  • Complete billing solution
  • Automatic sales tax calculation
  • Manage split payments
  • Online payment processing
  • Rich usage and statistical reports
  • Branded publisher sites generation
  • Advanced search implementation
  • Support