The AASHTO Transportation portal consists of 90 web properties that range from public-facing sites, intranet sites, and web portals, to full-blown enterprise content management systems implemented using Microsoft SharePoint. To provide a consolidated and unified search experience across all the web properties, iENGINEERING has used Google Search Appliance (GSA) for contextual search implementation on the portal.

The iENGINEERING team was responsible for end-to-end implementation of GSA; starting from licensing, setup, configuration, and implementation, to final deployment. The GSA connector for Microsoft SharePoint Services was used to provide content feed to the GSA device. As the portal consists of numerous web properties, multiple GSA front-ends were developed to match the look and feel of the different web properties. The iENGINEERING team is responsible for carrying out maintenance activities and providing required support to keep the GSA device performing in its full capacity.

GSA AASHTO screenshot

Following are the technology and application domain areas serviced by iENGINEERING for the GSA for AASHTO project:

  • GSA deployment and setup
  • Contextual search implementation
  • Custom front-end implementation
  • Content feed implementation
  • Microsoft SharePoint connector integration
  • Support