The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a standards setting body which publishes specifications, test protocols and guidelines that are used in highway design and construction throughout the United States. The working body of AASHTO is divided into Committees, Sub-Committees and Task-Forces that are distributed in different regions of North America. These teams have to work remotely, collaborating on documents and information related to multiple highway and construction and maintenance related projects. iENGINEERING designed and developed the AASHTO Portal that simplifies and streamlines the process of knowledge management and collaboration between different teams working remotely on the same projects.

The portal is developed using SharePoint services, which makes it very convenient and user-friendly for AASHTO Personnel. The portal also defines user-roles and access levels to make sure only relevant personnel can access the information. We have deployed the portal on the Amazon cloud allowing effective mobility to the users irrespective of their geographic location.

AASHTO Portal screenshot

Following are the technology and application domains serviced by iENGINEERING for the AASHTO Portal project:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Identity Implementation
  • Amazon Web Services deployment
  • SSL Implementation