iENGINEERING Launches iWrapper Customer Portal

iENGINEERING has launched a new customer-facing portal for iWrapper. iWrapper provides customers with the core essentials to protect their documents in a simple and cost-effective solution without having to deal with complex Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions. iWrapper allows for convenient restriction of copying, printing, and sharing propriety documents. iWrapper also comes with a built-in e-commerce module that allows you to monetize your publications and generate additional revenue.

In today’s world, users require an all-in-one solution packed with the latest features that are both simple and designed from a user-centric lens. iWrapper’s customer portal embodies this need for versatility and simplicity by offering a one-stop-shop for all your DRM needs. Now available at affordable pricing plans, the new interface enables customers to customize the portal in accordance with their DRM needs – from gaining user insights to monetization through advertisements. Customers can now add publications, organize them in the form of collections, and set the policies and permissions for their PDF documents based on the features purchased.