iWrapper is a simplified and affordable Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for online publishers. It provides you with the core essentials to protect, monetize, and distribute your PDF documents. iWrapper lets you conveniently restrict copying, printing, and sharing propriety documents with just one line of code. It also comes with a built-in e-commerce module that allows you to monetize your publications and generate additional revenue. It maintains the confidentiality of information by right-protecting documents against unauthorized access.

DRM Software for PDFs - iWrapper

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the use of technology to control and manage access to copyrighted material. DRM is taking control of digital content away from the person who possesses it and handing it to a computer program. It aims to protect the copyright holder’s rights and prevent content from unauthorized distribution and modification. This is a technology that helps control what viewers or users can do with digital assets. It limits the copying and use of copyrighted works and proprietary software. DRM allows publishers or authors to control what free subscribers or premium users can do with their online published material.

iWrapper – An All-in-One DRM Software as a Service Solution

It is a cloud-based solution that allows PDF content to be rendered in web-friendly HTML5 format on the fly. The system provides the ability to secure the content using copy and print restrictions. Users can perform a textual search within the read-only file content on the web. The web viewer also provides easy navigation controls to scroll through multiple pages of digital content. In addition to this, content owners can also control where the web content can be accessed. Limitations can be applied for the secured content to be accessible from a specified domain and/or URL.

iWrapper is a complete PDF security software as a service solution for publishers and distributors developed by iENGINEERING. As a digital rights management solution for PDF documents, it secures and delivers this format, making digital publications available worldwide. iWrapper’s low-cost, high-reward approach to online publishing and distribution makes it one of the leaders in its class for small to medium-sized publishers. We have successfully integrated iWrapper with the existing infrastructure of our clients and received positive feedback.

With iWrapper, publishers retain control over the complete flow of information on their websites, right down to how, when, and by whom document files can be accessed, viewed, copied, printed, and shared online – a complete document protection solution. All this with the US Government-approved AES 256-bit encryption to protect against the threats of illegal duplication and piracy.

From associations to publishers to reprints, and everywhere in between, our flexible approach provides solutions for all your PDF security issues and monetization needs.

iWrapper DRM Software Securing PDF on a Laptop

iWrapper offers the best-in-class PDF encryption and e-commerce support for your reprint business needs. Reprint businesses need to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of their digital publications from unauthorized redistribution. iWrapper lets businesses do exactly that while also monetizing online PDF documents and providing their hassle-free viewing in browsers with full HTML5 support.

iWrapper provides Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) Publishers with all the necessary tools to distribute and license e-books and PDF documents securely online. Whether you are a large-scale STM publisher or an individual with documents present online, iWrapper makes it easy for you to monetize publications through either a fixed price or a subscription-based model while protecting your publications with industry-standard encryption.

iWrapper also provides Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) with essential security tools to protect documents online. Sharing PDF documents and right-protecting them is a challenge for NPOs and NGOs. iWrapper lets organizations take control of managing and securely distributing their online PDF documents.

Some of the key features of iWrapper for all of its users include the following:

Protect PDFs and Track Usage

Protect your online documents, journals, ebooks, magazines, reports, and reprints from unauthorized access. iWrapper offers end-to-end encryption of documents and ensures that your documents are accessible to only those individuals who have been allowed to access them. Whether you are looking for how to encrypt a PDF file before uploading it securely on your websites or sharing it online over the internet, iWrapper provides you with a complete solution. iWrapper also lets you monitor online traffic related to the use of your documents through a simple and intuitive web portal. Usage and sales reports can also be generated and exported in Excel file format for offline use. ​

License Documents and Generate Revenue

Start selling documents on your website using iWrapper’s built-in e-commerce support. Whether you are among the top STM publishers or own a reprinting business, iWrapper makes it easy for you to set a price for your documents and start earning with ease. Customers who purchase the documents can either view the documents on an encrypted browser-based PDF viewer or download the document to their system with their name and contact details watermarked on each page. iWrapper also lets you use subscription-based document distribution for your customers. Subscriptions allow you to give document access to your customers for a set duration e.g., one year. iWrapper enables you to license your documents online and generate revenue.

No Third-party Installations Required

iWrapper provides hassle-free viewing of PDF documents in browsers with full HTML5 support. There is no need to install third-party tools or widgets in your browser to access documents once encrypted with iWrapper. Whether you are publishing STM journals or reprinting regularly or looking to upload or share the report once in a while, no extra efforts are required. When customers click on a link to your document that they have access to, the document will load in a secure PDF viewer in their browsers’ new tab. You can also use your logo and brand colors to customize the PDF Viewer to fit your corporate branding. If you are looking for secure uploading or sharing of STM journals contact, please reach out to the iWrapper team and let it handle you.

Secure Document Distribution for Nonprofits

Sharing official documents online poses a threat of unauthorized distribution. iWrapper recognizes such issues and provides Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with security features that encrypt documents and ensure their safe distribution. With iWrapper’s PDF encryption, you can restrict copying, printing, and downloading, and set an expiration date for your documents to prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands. You can even limit document access to people in a specific geographical location. iWrapper is smart enough to secure documents against attempted VPN access by differentiating between fake and real IP addresses.

Get live demos of all iWrapper features and see how it works to secure your documents.