ACPA CompareFlow

CompareFlow is a mobile app developed by iENGINEERING for the American Concrete Pipe Association. The app provides the ability to calculate hydraulic capacity and evaluate possible alternatives with respect to pipe shape and materials. CompareFlow uses the Manning Formula, the most widely accepted formula for evaluating the hydraulic capacity of non-pressure sewers.

In order to evaluate possible alternatives in either pipe geometry or material, engineers can use this app to compare the hydraulic flow capacity among various concrete pipes; including round, elliptical, arch, and box sections with round thermoplastic and corrugated metal pipes.

Compare-Flow is available on the Google Play and Apple App store.

ACPA screenshot 2

Following are the technology and application domain areas serviced by iENGINEERING for the ACPA CompareFlow App project:

  • Precise calculation of hydraulic capacity
  • Evaluation of alternatives using the Manning Formula
  • Native app development for Android devices using Java
  • Native app development for iOS devices using Objective-C
  • Support