Fleet Management

Tracking one or two vehicles may be an easy task. However, tracking multiple vehicles is not only time consumptive but also requires manpower. To save transporters the hassle whilst tracking their fleet, iENGINEERING provides customized and large-scale solutions to transporters and related conveyance organizations, for the management and condition monitoring of their fleet of vehicles as part of its Internet of Things (IoT) services. iENGINEERING’s fleet monitoring devices allow the owners to keep real-time track of their vehicles’ movement. They can also monitor other parameters related to the engine conditions with an ease that was impossible to achieve before.

We have established data centers where data generated by devices is communicated through the 4G data network and then presented to customers on an online portal. This portal, along with insights into the current location and condition of your vehicles, also allows you to generate charts and spreadsheets to effectively view and manage the data for your entire fleet.

Theft alerts and geo-fencing of your vehicles have also been incorporated into the solution, ensuring your fleet is safe from threats. The geofencing option allows you to seize the engine of your vehicle whenever it exits a specified geographical zone.