The AASHTO Store, which was previously known as AASHTO Bookstore, is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that streamlines AASHTO’s publication sales and provides AASHTO with a platform for e-marketing. It allows users to place online orders using an integrated shopping cart with real-time credit card processing and secure order fulfillment of online items, e-learning, merchandise and training material. The Bookstore also entertains hard copy orders by its integration with PDB Worldwide Fulfillment Service. The new AASHTO Store UI design not only includes major enhancements for the UI, but also contains modification for the back-end business logic and application work flow that significantly reduces the management effort for the client. Major workflow changes include merging of AASHTO Bookstore and Training store into a single unified AASHTO Store platform, and its integration with the AASHTO Identity Server (AIS). AIS provides a unified solution that effectively manages all the user levels of the multiple websites and applications of AASHTO, while at the same time ensuring fool-proof security of all the systems.

iENGINEERING designed, developed and launched the AASHTO Store platform. We also provide ongoing support, maintenance and enhancement services for the project.

AASHTO Store screenshot

Following are the technology and application domain areas serviced by iENGINEERING for the AASHTO Store project:

  • Web-based software development
  • Third-Party AIS integration
  • Third-party Payment Gateway integration
  • Skillsoft ECM and E-Learning integration
  • Adobe Content Server integration
  • Adobe Digital Signature integration
  • SSL implementation
  • Web software support