Transconomy Viewer Adds Visualization for Area-Based Assets

A new feature has been added to Transconomy Viewer where users can now visualize area-based data attributes. While the modern and sleek user interface of Transconomy Viewer remains the same, this exciting enhancement presents new opportunities and use cases from an asset management perspective. For example, traditional point-based assets (such as traffic signs and posts) and segment-based assets (such as lane markings) are common requirements for many roadway asset inventories. However, area-based data attributes allow for more precise and detailed characterization of unique infrastructure asset types and inventory requirements – some examples may include parking lot pavement condition surveys, airfield pavement surveys, and orthomosaic drone imagery to name a few.

Transconomy Viewer is an enhanced data visualization and asset management tool that allows transportation agencies to visualize infrastructure data on interactive thematic maps. It also allows for easy sharing of visualized data to other users (both internal and external to an agency), decision makers, and other important stakeholders. Overall, Transconomy Viewer helps agencies understand their roadway network data to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.