Transconomy Partners With Mobileye to Enhance Connected Vehicle Data

Transconomy has teamed with Mobileye, an Intel company, to further advance AI-driven solutions for infrastructure asset management and safety across the US. This collaboration will leverage Transconomy’s ability to capture and extract asset inventory and condition data from Mobileye’s imagery. The asset data will be integrated with Mobileye’s crowd-sourced data to provide a holistic view of a transportation network’s condition and use. Enhanced visualization of this large-scale source of data will also be provided through Transconomy Viewer with the goal of empowering transportation stakeholders and officials through improved analysis and decision-making practices.

This agreement is a testament to Mobileye’s confidence in Transconomy as a reliable transportation asset management solution. The Transconomy team is excited to enter into this partnership and looks forward to a wide range of opportunities to create impactful solutions for the transportation industry.