Transconomy and TranSystems Team Up

iENGINEERING and TranSystems joined forces to deliver a comprehensive pavement marking inventory, including lineal lengths of lane markings and quantities of symbol markings, to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The total length of this project was about 32 centerline miles, consisting of three highway and interchange segments located on US Route 400 and US Route 69 in southeastern Kansas. To deliver this inventory, iENGINEERING utilized its service line of transportation engineering software, known as Transconomy, which automates and accelerates data processing activities for agencies and their consultants to create comprehensive and accurate asset inventories.

Transconomy provides an end-to-end solution to collect geo-coded roadway images, automatically process collected images using AI, and present inventory results using an enhanced visualization tool. For this project, TranSystems used the Transconomy Collector mobile app to collect approximately 3500 right-of-way images, which were automatically synchronized to the cloud (Transconomy Hub) for data processing and asset extraction. In addition to required CSV and KML file format deliverables, Transconomy Viewer was used to display inventory results with corresponding data attributes and collected images on an interactive color-coded map.