Transconomy Viewer Equipped With New “Road View” Feature

Transconomy Viewer is an interactive infrastructure asset management tool that allows transportation agencies to visualize transportation assets as point-based and segment-based data attributes on thematic maps for in-depth analysis. Its enhanced visualization features provide an accurate display of geocoded inventory of roadway assets.

As part of a recent update, Transconomy Viewer launched a new feature called Road View, which allows agencies to visualize roadway assets using a street view. This update still maintains the data-agnostic features of Transconomy and does not limit users from processing or visualizing assets coming from various data sources. In fact, unlike previous versions of Transconomy Viewer where users could only visualize one asset type at a time, this recent update allows users to visualize multiple types of assets simultaneously on color-coded maps. This feature will allow decision-makers to know the exact position of roadway assets on the road and gain a better understanding of various asset types and their relative locations.