Project Profile: LTBP InfoBridge

The Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) InfoBridge website is a centralized gateway providing efficient and quick access to bridge performance-related data and information.infobridge 2The portal includes multiple tools that facilitate bridge data analytics. It provides storage, retrieval, dissemination, analysis, and visualization of data collected through the State, National, and LTBP Program efforts. This provides users with the ability to holistically assess bridge performance data on a network or individual bridge basis. InfoBridge is embedded with a number of interactive tools and user-friendly features to empower the users in performing quick searches and retrieving the required data that can be presented in a paginated tabular view, as well as plotted on a GIS map interface. Performance data and statistics are presented on the performance dashboard that displays bar charts, tabulated summaries, and historical performance graphs corresponding to the selected bridges. Users can utilize the extensive bridge performance data contained within InfoBridge to view, develop, and improve forecasting models for bridge performance. iENGINEERING designed and developed this solution, and continues to provide support, maintenance, and enhancement services for the system.