New Enhancements Deployed on NTPEP DataMine

iENGINEERING has recently completed the deployment and integration of new enhancements and features for the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) DataMine web application. NTPEP DataMine is an online repository of product evaluation data and audit reports that helps the Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in selecting the pre-approved products and engineering firms for highway construction projects.  This application was designed and developed by iENGINEERING and it assists users in analyzing and reporting on current and past NTPEP evaluations and allows NTPEP testing facilities and auditors to enter real-time data online.

iENGINEERING recently upgraded several features of the website to further facilitate the end-users and State DOTs in their routine business processes. The “Reinforcing Steel and Wire (REBAR)” module was enhanced by adding additional data fields and making the audit information fields dynamic based upon the specimens selected in the application submission process. The exporting functionality was also upgraded, and an extra filter “Product Specification” is provided allowing users to export data in the form of Excel spreadsheets. The “Epoxy and Resin Based Adhesive Bonding Systems (ERB) module was enhanced by adding additional data fields in application submission functionality. Alongside this, the test management section was modified which is an option to select either a specific portion of test or complete portion on the test management section. The user can now select the portions on test management screen as per choice and process test data management. The option to view uploaded PDF documents online was also provided in the test management section.