In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, iENGINEERING has taken measures for ensuring safety of its employees and uninterrupted quality of service for its customers. iENGINEERING manages its servers and hosting on cloud infrastructure, providing secure access to designated staff. We use Microsoft Azure DevOps to manage and maintain application source codes as well as development and deployment workflows. Similarly, all documentation and file data are managed on Amazon S3 buckets and all databases are also managed on AWS. We use Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration between the team members. Following detailed guidelines that we have developed for this situation, these arrangements have allowed our employees to work from home productively. For the few employees that need to be present at the office, iENGINEERING has prepared the workplace based on the instructions from the World Health Organization (WHO).

After two decades of providing dedicated IT services to our clients, we understand the importance of providing continuous service, and the impact of any interruptions to our clients’ businesses. Therefore, we are committed to maintain continuous operations and service during challenging times such as these. We will be continuously investigating the change in risk levels and potential impacts to our capabilities, and we will adjust our contingency plans accordingly. We will inform our clients of corresponding mitigation efforts to ensure continuous service.

In addition to employee safety and service continuity, iENGINEERING has been supporting our community by donating our labor to develop the AASHTO Knowledge Portal. This website is used by the AASHTO Board of Directors, enabling the nation’s transportation leaders to communicate their challenges and share best practices as they respond to the current COVID-19 crisis. Members can start new discussions, browse the existing discussions by category and comment on them, access relevant news, documents, events, and resources.