iENGINEERING Awarded AASHTO Web Services Digital Transformation Project

iENGINEERING was recently awarded the AASHTO Web Services Digital Transformation Project. As part of this project, AASHTO has embarked on a journey to modernize and improve its digital presence and enhance member experience by redefining the AASHTO brand. To better understand stakeholder expectations and requirements and identify the best way forward for AASHTO, iENGINEERING conducted a series of strategic planning sessions. These strategic planning sessions were attended by the AASHTO IT staff and various key stakeholders. The discussions held during the strategic planning sessions led to the development of a bigger roadmap for AASHTO that will enable the organization to not only redesign its main website, but also restructure its entire inventory of websites, applications, and online services.

The main objective of AASHTO for this project is to improve the overall communication, coordination, and engagement of its members while concurrently modernizing the website. This project will enable AASHTO to go beyond a traditional content-based website by integrating modern tools and technologies that will enable and facilitate engagement within the organization, as well as between its members and external stakeholders. The new website will serve as a benchmark for other associations and highlight AASHTO’s presence as a leader within the transportation industry.