FHWA InfoTechnologyTM Upgraded with Non-Destructive Evaluation Technology

Technology is ever-evolving. To assist with deploying the latest non-destructive evaluation (NDE) technology into the practitioner’s hands, the FHWA with assistance from iENGINEERING, developed the FHWA InfoTechnology portalTM. This portal allows infrastructure managers access to NDE information for pavements, bridges, and tunnels. As part of iENGINEERING’s continued build-out of this portal, new tools for timber bridges have been added to the site. Some of the technologies specific to timber bridges include Acoustic Tomography, Stress Wave Timing, and Ground Penetrating Radar, among others. The additions of these greatly enhance the portal and consolidate hard-to-find information into an easy-to-use interface.

For a demo of the FHWA InfoTechnologyTM portal, please do not hesitate to reach out to iENGINEERING’s Product Manager, Alex Vuotto at alex.vuotto@iengineering.com.