FHWA InfoMaterialsTM 2022 Annual Release

The FHWA InfoMaterials Web portal is a centralized gateway to infrastructure research and materials testing data. It provides an efficient interface with visualization capabilities enabling users to explore the data.

The FHWA InfoMaterials 2022 annual release primarily focuses on enhancements to the user interface (UI) and data updates. UI updates include the addition of Home and Library pages, as well as a revamped Datasets page. The Home page includes links to an introduction Video, Brochure, and Dataset Content Management Guide that provide information about how to use the InfoMaterials website and the type of data it contains. The Library page houses other important documentation, update notes, and FAQs. In addition, a wide-screen user interface has been implemented for all website pages.

The revamped Datasets page includes new functionality that allow users to view the available datasets by material/pavement and testing type, in addition to viewing datasets according to associated location information. This enhancement is valuable in presenting datasets in an intuitive manner to users with different backgrounds and expertise, and should help keep everything organized and easy to find as the number of datasets increase and InfoMaterials continues to grow.

The Datasets page also includes the addition of two new datasets and updates to three existing datasets. The Mobile Asphalt Technology Center (MATC) is a new dataset that contains the results of MATC materials testing projects between 2020 and the present. A second new dataset, Dielectric Profiling System (DPS), contains results for dielectric constant field and lab testing for AC pavement performed by the FHWA nondestructive evaluation program.

Existing datasets on InfoMaterials that were updated include the following:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data has been added to the Traffic Speed Deflection Device (TSDD) dataset.
  • New data records collected from a project in Florida has been appended to the existing Mobile Concrete Technology Center (MCTC) dataset.
  • Newly collected data for 2022 has been added to this existing dataset. This new 2022 CFM data is based on 10-meter sections as compared to the existing 2020 CFM data, which is based on 0.1-mile sections.