FHWA InfoMaterials 2021 is Live Now

iENGINEERING recently completed all the data updates and enhancements for the InfoMaterials 2021. The new release can now be accessed on the LTPP InfoPave™ web-portal. InfoMaterials 2021 has eight datasets in total, as compared to three datasets in the previous version. The newly added data includes the datasets for Traffic Speed Deflection Device (TSDD), Asphalt Binder Tester (ABT), Continuous Friction Measurement (CFM), Double-Edge-Notched Tension Test (DENT), and Wide-Base Tires (WBT).

Several new features have been added into the InfoMaterials 2021 portal that will enable end-users to navigate through data more conveniently. As an example, users will now be able to narrow down their search using nested filtering ability; they can now apply global filters on website level to identify the dataset type, and then apply data filters within the individual datasets to get to the specific data records that they require. The new portal also enables users to view filtered data in the form of multiple graphs and GIS Maps. Users can now pick and choose multiple data tables and files in a dataset, and submit data extraction requests to receive the filtered and compiled data in a single packaged file.