Employees Safety: Work from Home during COVID-19

iENGINEERING has the utmost responsibility of ensuring that the health and safety of our employees and partners are not compromised. We have continued to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and are adapting our internal policies to respond to this rapidly-evolving situation. Our goal is to reduce the risk that anyone at iENGINEERING might contract or inadvertently spread the virus. It is important that we take these proactive steps to protect ourselves and others, and eventually minimize the spread of COVID-19.

We have established a work-from-home policy for the employees where all employees are instructed to work from their residences. iENGINEERING has instructed all employees to immediately notify the concerned department if they are displaying any flu-like symptoms or experiencing the onset of potential sickness, and take necessary sick leaves until they fully recover. To cater for this, we always have technical resources on the bench who can be assigned the tasks and duties of the employees on sick leave.

iENGINEERING also recognizes the fact that constantly working from home can be a challenging switch for some people. Hence we have provided resource guides and documented procedural documents to help our employees continue to be productive from their homes. Regular online meetups are arranged between teams to make sure that all teams are well-connected with one another, and so that people can share if they are facing any difficulties related to work. Our project management office (PMO) and human resource (HR) teams are also tracking employee’s productivity and the overall tasks at iENGINEERING, in an effort to ensure equal and logical distribution of workload among all employees. In a nutshell, the iENGINEERING team is giving its best to make sure that the COVID-19 situation will have no negative impact on any of our services for our customers.