Employee Profile: Ammar Waqar (Solution Architect)

Mr. Ammar Waqar is currently leading the Applied Research Group at iENGINEERING. In this group, Ammar is leading project planning, solution design, and applied research for in-house next-generation solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Augmented Reality, among other cutting-edge technologies. His focus is on integrating the most recent advanced technologies within practice-ready frameworks to solve the most pressing problems of the engineering industries. Over the past few years, he has acquired a diverse interdisciplinary exposure and has excelled in his core expertise of devising comprehensive technology solutions for multiple firms in Silicon Valley. He is a problem-solver and brings a distinctive set of skills to pave the way for technology transformation at iENGINEERING. Ammar is an engineer with a master’s degree from the University of South Florida, Tampa.