Employee Profile: Abdul Raheem, Technology Manager

Abdul Raheem is one of our senior resources who has been serving iENGINEERING for over 16 years in different technical and managerial roles. He is highly experienced in the complete software development lifecycle management, currently managing several large- and small-scale projects at iENGINEERING. As a Technology Manager, He is responsible for ensuring successful delivery of high-quality technical solutions to our clients. Other than overarching management tasks, his duties include activities starting from proposal, conceiving the technical solution, building scale-able architectural designs, software development, and final deployments to the production environments.

He also oversees the process of review, selection, and implementation of the latest available technologies pertinent to the objectives of each project at iENGINEERING. He is facilitating technical knowledge transfer across various project teams to increase efficiency in implementing technologies that meet requirements of multiple projects. In addition to having a master’s degree in Computer Science, Mr. Raheem is a certified CMMI professional with “Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI®” and “Candidate Lead Appraiser” certifications from the CMMI institute.