Delivery of a New Product for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

The 2022 annual release of the FHWA LTPP InfoPaveTM was recently completed, which included a major product enhancement to the website with the addition of an Analysis Ready Materials Dataset (ARMAD). This unique dataset, developed in partnership with the FHWA and other contractors, is the product of an extensive data gathering, synthesis, and simplification process that will assist researchers and practitioners with conducting their pavement materials-related data analyses.

The LTPP ARMAD summarizes the material properties of the pavement layers, including asphalt concrete (AC), Portland cement concrete (PCC), unbound granular base/subbase, stabilized base/subbase, subgrade, surface treatments, and engineering fabrics into one source of information. The primary benefit of this process is to reduce the time and effort needed to find materials and characteristics data that previously had been scattered among dozens of tables.

Already widely recognized as the world’s premier source of data and information on pavement performance, LTPP InfoPaveTM is now equipped to offer improved data accessibility with the debut of this ARMAD. Similar analysis-ready datasets related to performance, traffic, and climate are also planned for future releases.