ASHRAE Refrigeration Handbook PDF 2022 is Now Live

The 2022 ASHRAE Refrigeration Handbook PDF is now available on the ASHRAE Technology Portal. This volume covers the topic of refrigeration equipment and systems for applications other than human comfort. It includes information on cooling, freezing, and storing food, industrial applications of refrigeration, and low-temperature refrigeration. Primarily a reference for the practicing engineer, this volume is also useful for anyone involved in cooling, storage, or transport of food products.

The ASHRAE Handbook is published as a series of four volumes, namely “HVAC Systems and Equipment”, “HVAC Applications”, “Refrigeration”, and “Fundamentals”. Revisions and updates are made to one of the four volumes every year, thus ensuring no volume is older than four years. Each volume is available in US Customary or System International (SI) units of measurement.