ASHRAE Handbook Online 2020 Go-Live

ASHRAE Handbook Online is a web-platform allowing ASHRAE members and non-members with a valid subscriptions to get access to the latest volumes of ASHRAE Handbook Online. The ASHRAE Handbook is published in a series of four volumes which are “HVAC Systems and Equipment”, “HVAC Applications”, “Refrigeration”, and “Fundamentals”. One of the four volumes is revised each year, ensuring that no volume is older than four years. Each volume is available in IP (Inch-Pound) or SI (System International) units of measurement. The latest volume “HVAC Systems and Equipment” publication has been released in June this year. This volume discusses various systems and equipment (components or assemblies) that comprise modern HVAC systems and describes their features and differences. This information helps system designers and operators in selecting and using the most suitable equipment for their specific requirements