AASHTO’s NTPEP DataMine Enhanced with New Features

iENGINEERING has successfully integrated new enhancements and features for AASHTO’s National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) web application. NTPEP DataMine provides AASHTO member departments with a unified method to evaluate materials, products, and devices of common interest for use in highway and bridge construction. The primary goal of the program is to provide cost-effective evaluations for the State DOTs by eliminating duplication of testing and auditing by States and duplication of effort by manufacturers that provide products for evaluation.

iENGINEERING has recently upgraded several features to the website to further facilitate end-users and State DOTs in their routine business processes. The Asphalt Binder Suppliers (ABS) module has been developed for the NTPEP DataMine web application. The Departments of Transportation (DOTs) use NTPEP DataMine, an online repository of product evaluation data and audit reports, to choose pre-approved products and manufacturers for highway construction projects. The ABS module provides audit information for facilities that comply with the Quality Control (QC) and product testing requirements of this program. AASHTO member departments can then use this information for supplier/product acceptance. This may include utilizing this information to establish a qualified manufacturer list, a qualified products list, or both. Alongside this, the email notifications setting now enables users to select from which module they want to receive email. This enhancement allows users to select their notification preference for each technical committee. This option will be available under MyDataMine in the “my preferences” section.