iENGINEERING Launches iManuscript

Chantilly, Virginia – October 24, 2011.

iENGINEERING launches iManuscript. iManuscript provides authors and publishers the ability to distribute eBooks through their own customizable bookstore, giving the consumer a different viewing and purchasing experience per distributor. The iManuscript bookstore provides an option to sell or lend the eBooks. The lending option allows the consumer to ‘borrow’ the book for a set amount of time, this is good for those who only need the book for a one time use. The sell option purchases the eBook, giving the consumer ownership over the eBook and allowing them to store it on any eReader device for however long they wish. “At iENGINEERING we know how important it is for distributors to be able to reach their  customers in a way that is convenient for both parties, so we’ve developed iManuscript to be an easy to maneuver web based management system,” states Riaz Ahmad, iENGINEERING’s President and CEO. iManuscript’s ebooks can be accessed through many popular handheld devices such as BlueFire, Sony Reader, B&N Nook, iPad, iPod, and iPhone, and Android  phones. They can also be accessed through computers that are compatible with eReader software. “The world is so busy today, no one has time to stop and purchase a book or sign a waiting list. iManuscript allows you to purchase and download a book with a click of a button no matter where you are,” states Riaz.

About iENGINEERING Corporation

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