iENGINEERING Becomes a Microsoft SPLA Partner

Chantilly, Virginia –  February 15, 2011.

iENGINEERING, today announced it is a new member in the Microsoft Certified Partner Program, and has joined the Services Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) program.  Membership in the Microsoft Certified Partner Program will provide iENGINEERING with resources to offer hosted software and services to end customers, such as Web hosting, hosted applications, messaging, collaboration, and platform infrastructure.  In addition, to develop and deploy robust Microsoft solutions that will help speed customers’ time to market and reduce costs.

The agreement allows the iENGINEERING to serve as a Microsoft Services Provider License Agent, and to provide customers with a convenient pay as you go software leasing agreements.  It is also provides iENGINEERING with the ability to distribute customized service that has no startup costs, no monthly sales minimums or required terms of commitment.

About iENGINEERING Corporation

iENGINEERING Corporation is a privately owned firm providing technology solutions to organizations across the globe. We specialize in designing, developing and implementing custom built solutions for your organization that allow you to stay in line with the latest trends in technology. Our solutions are designed with a customer centric approach to tailor-fit your specific needs and allow an extremely user-friendly experience. They are robust, reliable, scalable and customizable to an extent that allows the organization to adapt quickly and transform their businesses conveniently. For more information on the company, please visit iENGINEERING’s web site at