AASHTO’s Product Evaluation List Web Site Launched

Columbia, Maryland – September 14, 2001.

Today, iENGINEERING successfully completed and enabled the AASHTO’s Product Evaluation List (APEL – apel.transportation.org) database and web site, which was started as an effort by AASHTO’s Subcommittee on Materials and iENGINEERING. The primary purpose of APEL is to provide state departments of transportation (DOTs) with an easily accessible tool that allows them to maximize their resources, through the sharing of information.

The overall project effort was to focus on an enhanced user interface, an interactive content management, and enhanced product and product evaluation databases.  This included providing information regarding new products and product evaluations, particularly those in progress or already completed by the various state DOTs.  The APEL program and its database were designed as a repository for findings from the evaluation and testing of new and/or proprietary engineered transportation products.  Completed, APEL is now a comprehensive listing of new products that have been, or are being, evaluated by the state DOTs.  In addition, it includes information on products that have been rejected as well as those that have been accepted.

The AASHTO Product Evaluation List Web Site was deployed with features including fully searchable web pages as well as complete product information.  In addition, the site also contains other helpful information such as manufacturer, state DOT and other agency contacts, meeting and conference dates and locations, product related links, and news concerning the APEL program, NTPEP program, and other pertinent AASHTO efforts.

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