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Sentinel provides enhanced situational awareness of an operational area of interest. Visualizations in the form of GIS map, video (from single screen to video wall), user-defined alarm and alert zones, Common Operational Picture (COP) are all easily customizable to give users the ability to decide how information is viewed. Sentinel meets both, the individual security officer needs, and the organization’s response matrix requirements, in support of the operational mission. The Sentinel command and control system can be easily integrated with the existing security infrastructure of a facility. It is compatible with almost any kind of radars, sensors and cameras, thus, allowing the users to conveniently incorporate the system and enhance their security capabilities.

Key Features:

Following are the major features of the Sentinel Command and Control System:

  • One control station manages single or multiple detection and assessment systems
  • Open Architecture Software – IP Based
  • Scalable multiple sensor interface
  • Real‐time control of detection systems
  • Real‐time video monitoring
  • Automated camera slew‐to‐queue
  • Video recording interface
  • Chronological and prioritized alarm listing
  • Alarm response scripts
  • System health and status monitoring
  • Mobile device notification capability available

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