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Columbia, Maryland - April 1, 2001 - iENGINEERING Corporation has announced an agreement with FileOpen Systems, Inc. to help support and deploy FileOpen Publisher.  FileOpen Publisher software is anticipated to provide Adobe Acrobat PDF publishers a complete desktop solution for managing access to PDF documents, on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.  The software provides users the opportunity to ensure that only authorized or paying users can open the protected documents, and access only the information they are permitted to use.  


iENGINEERING has also released a digital rights management add-on for FileOpen Publisher.  This add-on provides an effective anti-piracy and digital rights management solution to Adobe Acrobat PDF publishers. This add-on protects FileOpen encrypted PDF documents against information re-mastering by professional pirates, unauthorized Internet downloads, and unauthorized CD-ROM copying using CD-recordable drives.


About FileOpen Systems, Inc.


Based in New York, NY, FileOpen Systems Inc. develops software that enables publishers to secure their content for digital distribution. FileOpen sells its flagship product, FileOpen PDF, worldwide to commercial publishers, corporations, government offices, and universities. FileOpen Systems is also active in the development and implementation of advanced copyright protection technologies.  For more information on the company please visit FileOpen's web site at


About iENGINEERING Corporation


iENGINEERING Corporation is a privately owned information engineering firm specializing in the development of engineering software and collaborative e-business applications. The company is experienced in transportation engineering software life-cycle management, including project management, specification development, engineering software development, implementation, maintenance, support, and marketing. For more information on the company please visit iENGINEERING's web site at


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