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Columbia, Maryland - January 31, 2001 – Today, AASHTO proudly announced the launch of its new web site portal “TRANSPORTATION.ORG.”  The new portal, which was designed and developed by iENGINEERING Corporation, provides a secure environment for the organization as well as provides access to transportation news, events, services, and links.  In addition, it contains an expanded publication’s bookstore and success stories from departments of transportation around the country.


The new domain name, “TRANSPORTATION.ORG,” was chosen to expand the outreach of AASHTO’s web site, as well as provide a better environment for any future features the association will provide to its customers.    As a start to providing better customer service features, www.transportation.org, highlights a success story from a state department of transportation every week. "There's a Smooth Road Ahead in Kansas" is the first installment of the Success Stories that will be updated weekly to highlight successful practices or innovative transportation enhancements from the 52 AASHTO member departments. 


With iENGINEERING’s design and effort, the new portal is expected to help AASHTO in its commitment to serve as a center for information in the industry and to be an effective partner within the transportation community.


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iENGINEERING Corporation is a privately owned information engineering firm specializing in the development of engineering software and collaborative e-business applications. The company is experienced in transportation engineering software life-cycle management, including project management, specification development, engineering software development, implementation, maintenance, support, and marketing. For more information on the company please visit iENGINEERING's web site at www.iengineering.com.


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