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iManuscript is an iENGINEERING digital rights management solution which utilizes integration with Adobe Content Server (ACS) to provide the DRM facilities to customers and end users.  It supports securing of PDF and ePub files.  Different types of permissions can be applied on the files including how/when the files are viewed; their content is copied and printed.  ACS also provides the facility to users to dictate that on which device the secured content can be accessed.


This solution is suitable for content owners and publishers who wish to distribute their work in a restricted manner.  Book authors/publishers can also use this solution to create secured e-books in PDF and/or ePub format; all set for distribution.  Having secured files will prevent the copyrighted material from illegal duplication and piracy. 


Access permissions are embedded in the desired files via the Admin Console that is available to the content owners on the Publisher site called eWeb.  They can choose their files from different distributor inventories (folders) to view their attributes and to assign the desired permissions to them.


These secured files can be accessed either by the subscribers (users to whom the files have been distributed) or the owners (users who purchased the files).  Both types of individuals can access their files through the iWeb web site (Subscriber Site).


To view the secured files, Adobe Digital Editions software needs to be downloaded and installed on the target machines.  Otherwise the secured files will not open.


The iManuscript DRM solution provides desired security and reliability to the end-users by integrating services offered by Adobe; and thus providing a two-fold reliable and trustworthy service based on the industry experience of iENGINEERING and Adobe combined.