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iWrapper SaaS is the consumer digital rights management solution offered by iENGINEERING that allows content owners to secure their PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint files.  These secured files can be distributed to other users while the file usage can be controlled.  Access security can be applied on the secured files by restricting number views and number of prints; and by specifying expiration date.  Access permissions can be embedded to secure the digital content on the iWrapper iWeb Site (Publisher Site).




In addition to this, content owners can also control from where the files can be accessed.  Limitation can be applied for the secured files to be accessible on a single network, from a single PC or any PC in the world based on the license purchased by the end user. 


The secured files are distributed as digitally signed Windows executable and Windows compressed (zipped) file (depending on the choice specified by the owner).  Opening secured iWrapper content does not require download or installation of any software or plug-in.  The files automatically open in Adobe Reader/Acrobat (PDF) or Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS, and PPT) depending on the file format.  Also, secured files can be opened in the embedded iENGINEERING Viewer, if this option was selected at the time of securing them.


To distribute the files, owners do not need to send the actual files.  They just need to send the Delivery Code to the relevant users.  The users can then provide the Delivery Code on the web site to access the secured digital content.  This feature helps the distribution since sending files with huge volume in e-mail can be troublesome.  Flexibility is provided to the user who does not need to sign up/login in order to access the appropriate file.



If the iWrapper secured files are purchased or subscribed to by end users, they can access all their files from the iWrapper eWeb web site.  This way the end users can keep their iWrapper fields organized and can access them from anywhere at any time.



iWrapper also offers e-commence and workflow application integration.  It can be easily integrated with existing e-commence and workflow applications through available XML Web Service.  The advantage of this is that the customers can plug this functionality in with their systems and benefit from it.


iWrapper Saas is the best consumer grade DRM option available in the market from which the publishers and subscribers can equally benefit.  It is easy to use and efficient in maintain the level of security desired by the content owners.  iWrapper SaaS is not only a file securing facility but a whole platform that caters for securing a file, helps in easy distribution and assists in organizing the en-user files.