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iENGINEERING offers application integration services in myriad areas that combine new technology standards with innovative business models. These services enable customers to share information across application boundaries.



iENGINEERING e-publishing services can help you easily create and distribute e-books, journals, newsletters, meeting notes, technical reports, and other publications through CD-ROM, LAN/WAN, and Internet media.

iENGINEERING offers customized Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions that enable content providers to protect their proprietary publications from unauthorized copying, distribution, and other illegal uses.



Our business to business and business to consumer e-commerce applications provide organizations with the ability to carry out business transactions over the web, including sales, payments, and receipts. iENGINEERING offers integration with Ecometry, CardServices International, and Authorized.Net order fulfillment and payment gateways.




E-business services offer solutions and support in developing applications for clients who want to conduct their businesses via the Internet. This includes applications that help automate their business processes for information, collaboration, and document management using the Internet.




Our e-learning services take business education to a new level of immediacy, affordability, and convenience. Internet is taking a lead role in the ongoing expansion of learning options and opportunities for today’s professionals. All employees in your organization can experience world-class training right at their own desks, at the pace and time of their choice through our e-learning services.