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iENGINEERING PDF•Messenger is a real-time digital publication subscription delivery platform. iENGINEERING PDF•Messenger allows publishers and publication fulfillment service providers to digitally distribute publication subscriptions to its subscribers. iENGINEERING PDF•Messenger consists of a Microsoft Windows based subscriber application that connects to iENGINEERING PDF•Subscriber database through a XML web service and/or TCP connection via the Internet. The subscriber application allows login to iENGINEERING PDF•Subscriber as a subscriber and delivers instant notification of available subscribed publications. It also allows subscribers to download subscribed publications and permissions to open/view/print these publications on-demand. iENGINEERING PDF•Messenger also includes a subscriber web site for iENGINEERING PDF•Messenger subscriber application and subscribed publication download.


iENGINEERING PDF•Messenger can be deployed as a standalone digital publication subscription delivery platform and as an integrated component of a complete digital rights management solution. iENGINEERING PDF•Messenger can also be customized for instant delivery of multimedia content (other than PDF files) and can be integrated with existing systems.