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iENGINEERING PDF•Store provides an integrated shopping cart with real-time payment authorization for secure digital publication distribution. Users can browse through the list of available items which are set up like a digital marketplace. These items can be added to the shopping cart by a single click. The shopping cart supports multiple items with multiple quantities. Appropriate shipping methods are available on the store depending on the geographical location of the users as well as the type of item purchased. Users may register with the store to avail discounts on different items. However, if registration is not preferred, users can checkout directly without the need to log in. Once the order is placed after the user provides appropriate billing address, shipping address, and payment details; order receipt is displayed to the user. For registered users, the order details are available through their online account. For un-registered users, this receipt can be printed for future reference. PDF•Store offers security to users and transmits the payment information over secure and encrypted channels.

This product offers an administration site to the publication owners who can set their items up through that interface. Owners can specify detailed and comprehensive information for each item ranging from the name, code, ISBN number to price, type, and available inventory quantity. The items set up on the administration web site are available on the publicly accessible Store from where these can be purchased.

iENGINEERING PDF•Store includes a permission server compatible with FileOpen WebPublisher. Separate license of FileOpen WebPublisher (by FileOpen Systems, Inc.) may be required for Adobe PDF file security.