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PDF•Disc technology uses an embedded permission server for permission delivery. The activation of CD-ROM using this technology is based on activating embedded permission server. Once the permission server is activated, the permission to access the PDF content is delivered by the permission server without Internet connection. The advantage of this product over PDF•Publisher is that the embedded permission server can be activated manually without Internet access.

PDF•Disc technology also provides support for Sony SecuROM, Sony SecuCD-R, and Macrovision SafeDisc technologies for CD-ROM copy protection. PDF•Disc technology allows distrubution of secure publication to run in a pure CD-ROM mode that does not need Internet connectivity for CD-ROM activation.

iENGINEERING PDF•Disc includes an embedded permission server compatible with FileOpen WebPublisher. Separate license of FileOpen WebPublisher (by FileOpen Systems, Inc.) may be required for Adobe PDF file security.