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iENGINEERING PDF•Reprints is a real-time Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that enables reprint publishers and service providers to protect their proprietary publications from unauthorized copying, distribution, and other illegal uses. iENGINEERING PDF•Reprints support a unique two-tier publication distribution and usage model that allows reprint publishers and service providers to distribute secure PDF publications to their customers and grant real-time usage permissions to the readers of the publications. iENGINEERING PDF•Reprints utilizes a desktop software for reprint publishers and service providers to encrypt PDF files for distribution to their customers. In addition to the desktop software, the solution consists of a web-based customer module with an integrated permission server. The usage permissions for all PDF files encrypted through the desktop software are stored in a database server and are distributed in real-time to the publication user through the permission server. The customer module also provides the ability to view the usage of digital publication by end-users. The latest release of iENGINEERING PDF•Reprints supports the ability to access secure PDF reprints without always-on Internet connectivity.

PDF•Reprints is currently used by major reprint service providers. iENGINEERING PDF•Reprints can be licensed for deployment by the reprint publisher/service provider or as an application service under an application service provider agreement.

iENGINEERING PDF•Reprints includes a permission server compatible with FileOpen WebPublisher. Separate license of FileOpen WebPublisher (by FileOpen Systems, Inc.) may be required for Adobe PDF file security.