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iENGINEERING PDF•Publisher is a real-time Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that enables content providers to protect their proprietary publications from unauthorized copying, distribution, and other illegal uses. DRM technology protects a digital publication by encrypting it. In the process, it attaches usage rules to it that determine the conditions under which a user can view, print, and save the content. Usage rules may also include an expiry date, after which the document cannot be used. iENGINEERING PDF•Publisher is designed to be transparent to users unless they attempt to violate the usage rules. These are the rules that they agreed to when they purchased the digital publication. It also provides publishers the ability to ensure that only authorized or paying users can open the protected documents, and access only the information they are permitted to use. Publications encrypted using iENGINEERING PDF•Publisher can be distributed to the user either through a CD-ROM media or the Internet.

iENGINEERING PDF•Publisher is available for vertical markets within the digital publication industry. These vertical markets include standards development organizations (SDO), reprints publishers, magazine publishers, newsletter publishers, and scientific and technical journal publishers. iENGINEERING PDF•Publisher can also be customized for other vertical markets and can be integrated with existing systems.

iENGINEERING PDF•Publisher includes a permission server compatible with FileOpen WebPublisher. Separate license of FileOpen WebPublisher (by FileOpen Systems, Inc.) may be required for Adobe PDF file security.