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The AASHTOWare Manager .NET is a proprietary information management system designed to support the AASHTO Joint Software Development program. This system has been in production use at AASHTO for over seven years and serves as a key information resource for the AASHTOWare product license management and administration.


In 2006 iENGINEERING redesigned and redeveloped the AASHTOWare Manager for the Microsoft .NET platform. AASHTOWare Manager .NET has been developed using the Microsoft Visual C#.NET and utilizes Microsoft MSDE and JET database technologies for secured multi-user client/server application. The system also uses Business Object Crystal Reports for standard and custom information reporting. The system has been designed to have six modules including Address Book, Organization, Catalog, Customers, Agreements, and Reports that provide comprehensive information for overall AASHTOWare program management.


A key feature of the AASHTOWare Manager .NET is its ability to work online with network database and offline with local database. This capability allows AASHTOWare staff to generate reports while the system is offline.